Latest Umera Ahmed Novels List

Umera Ahmed is a veteran Urdu Novelist. You are reading Umera Ahmed’s Novels List. Umaira Ahmed is one of the most widely read novelists and a famous Urdu fiction novelist and screenplay writer of Pakistan. She finished her Masters’  in English Literature from Murray College, Sialkot. She later has become an English language lecturer at Army Public School and College, Sialkot. However, she left the job after a few years in order to make a career in the writing sector.

Latest Umera Ahmed Novels List

She commenced her writing profession in 1998 at a totally younger age. Her early memories had been posted withinside the month-to-month Urdu Digests and later withinside the shape of books. She has written numerous books, along with complete novels and quick memories. However, it became his novel “Peer e Kamil” that has become his identity. Her novels and memories are even projected on TV dramas and additionally, they carve an awesome spot withinside the coronary heart of viewers.

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Umera Ahmed Novels

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